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“︎ as long as you can hold a pencil, you can draw ︎”

anyone can draw is a workshop format i run monthly in partnership with the wonderful mobile print studio at cass art in glasgow. it’s designed to help build confidence in drawing and uncover the joys and power of drawing.

from the workshop’s event description:

“In this workshop, we’ll explore how to get acquainted with a subject and have fun finding your own way to draw it. We’ll also look at how you can learn from others and apply this knowledge to draw a simple piece to communicate ideas.

Skills you will learn: How to approach observing a subject, understanding and transforming shapes, learning from others and finally putting it to use to communicate ideas and emotion.” 

limited to 10 people, we gather in a relaxed environment with tea, coffee, snacks, paper and pens. open to everyone and all abilities.
psst... contact me if you’d like me to run one somewhere! i always want to do more of these — very interested to design one around any drawing-related topic :-)