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i write songs, play guitar and sing in a band called homework. we’ve been described as ‘loping indie rock’ ‘jangly sunny power pop’ ‘new janky rock band’ and ‘bouncy.’

we play gigs regularly around glasgow, come and see us! our ep on spotify - but you can also hear it here ︎︎︎

aaaaand follow us on instagram to keep up with our shenanigans ⚡️🐦⚡️


betwynde is my weird electronic side project. a difficult to pronounce, never promoted venture, in which i record, arrange and mix music in garageband on my ipad.

lo-fi at heart, the music ranges from dream pop, jungle, little guitar songs, to ambient and pseudo-industrial. all a bit of a soundtrack for my life.

- on sadness (single)
- mini-banana (four velvet underground covers)
- other reworks (birthday remix album)
- dream glue (oneiric ep)
- other works (birthday lp)

radio shows

i have a trimonthly radio show in illo radio called AE (Alter Ego). each edition i create a new character that mixes an hour and a half of music around a theme, each one with accompanying artwork.

here’s the latest one:

▶️ check the full archive here!!!

▶️ hear also my clyde built radio show

▶️ listen and read my illustrated tapes mixtape and interview